What to expect from the Clever Integration

SchoolTime and Clever Integration

With technology growing smarter everyday, the endeavour of technologists remain to make things easier for the end user. Clever is one such tool that drastically reduces complexity in multiple areas of technology adoption by educational institutions and their various stakeholders. Now a days Learning Management System is playing a vital role in schools.

What does Clever.com do?

Clever securely connects with SchoolTime and synchronises rosters for you automatically. Clever offers both “pull” (credentials-based) and “push” (SFTP) syncing, and takes just five minutes to set up.

What else?

Schools can now authorize a plethora of educational applications using Clever, which will be accessible to the students and teachers via your SchoolTime credentials, without having to worry about any integration complexity. This also creates a Single Sign on facility for all the authorized applications for students and teachers. You don’t have to remember all your user ids and passwords.

What are the other apps that will be readily accessible from this single platform?

There are plenty applications off course, check them here. But we would like to select a few useful categories and the apps to give you a head start.

1. Free Content and online learning

Flipped learning is getting increasingly popular. Smart schools are adopting this flipped learning systems to expose students to the earlier inaccessible content and knowledge. Experts claim that flipping the classroom is one of the best way to obtain better understanding of a lesson. Khan Academy is the leading provider of free content that can be accessible from SchoolTime now. Students can watch video and can also make practice exercise using computer with Internet anywhere, even from their home. Meanwhile, teachers can see student’s progress so that they can give feedback to the students at individual level. Learn more on how to effectively flip your classroom using Khan Academy here.

More in this category are Achieve3000, ActivelyLearn, Amplify, BooksThatGrow and more.

2. Learning Management Systems

An integrated LMS and SIS is the best of both worlds. SchoolTime is now available with ready integration via Clever with some of the best LMS of the world. Some of these are Canvas, Code.org, Codecademy, and many more interesting and useful systems and apps.

3. Security and Emergency Management: CatapultEMS

4. A unique learning management experience via FreshGrade helps teachers communicate better with parents on what their children are learning everyday.

5. Student Behaviour Management with Liveschool is an innovative approach towards rewarding students for good behaviour. It eliminates unproductive discipline enforcement by school authorities and gamifies the entire experience to behave good at school.

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