Unified Communications for Educational Institutions

The term Unified Communications covers a wide spectrum of medium with which a dialog or a broadcast can be established. These include instant messaging, presence information, voice, audio and video conferencing, mobility features and data collaboration. Although it is difficult to find a single product that caters to all these channels of communication, SchoolTime is one such product that endeavors to create all these modes accessible to its end users. SchoolTime allows you to use smart Technology In The Classroom.

Increasingly, educational institutions are emphasizing the need to be able to better communicate with all stakeholders – Teachers, Staff, Students, Parents and Management. However, communications are sporadic, and originating from disparate systems without a singular objective fulfilled. SchoolTime portal serves as a single platform to establish a dialog or broadcast messages from a single location with the choice of multiple recipient platforms. For example, if a school intends to notify all stakeholders about an event in their school and solicit participation, they can log into SchoolTime, create a notification message, and choose it to broadcast via either or all of these- email, SMS, Push Notification. The platform then provides intelligence to understand which channel was most effective in terms of reaching its intended audience. This will help the school to rely on a particular medium more than the others, save efforts and also money. 

Integrated app Appear.in and Room allows schools to host video conferences from within SchoolTime portal. The mobile app of SchoolTime is enabled with GeoFencing- so when a student enters or leaves the school premises, an auto notification is sent to the parent or guardian establishing presence. While, access to the SchoolTime portal by parents, students, teachers allow them to access shared data and information about their school. The integrated chat system in the mobile app of SchoolTime allows all enabled users to send instant messages via chat, voice calls are also possible, but restricted. 

Unified Communication for educational institutions is not as difficult as it used to sound, did it? SchoolTime makes it easy for the school to chose the way they need to communicate, without effort, seamlessly. 

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