Should Cell Phones be Allowed in Colleges?

In India we are trying to cut costs and lower down the costs of technology and other gadgets; just to make sure India develops at a rapid pace. And yet cell phones are not allowed in most of the colleges in India.

Interesting fact is Cell Phones have better computing capacity than computers that were made in 1997. Also, things like scissors or tools are not allowed in an airplane due to security issues but they are used in every college for lab purposes or classroom purposes. Similarly, a person can carry cell phones on a plane and use it openly but it is banned in colleges. Why?

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The age group that uses cell phone most in India are, 18 to 24 and almost every citizen these days own a cell phone or a smartphone. So, does this age group have enough computers to use, at the same time? Cell phones are cheap and affordable, when utilized in a proper way they educate and improves knowledge. The reasons why we should allow cell phones in college are listed below.

1. Money Saving: A college cant afford computers to every student, but every student can afford a cell phone for themselves. Hence, infrastructure cost is saved.

2. They Make Students Organized: Pretty sure from my experience that students wont carry a daily planner or  diary to organize their plans, but they feel comfortable to carry a phone. Lecturers or teachers can send them homework reminders or change in time tables through groups in messengers or other websites.

3. Safety Purpose: The students might have an emergency like accidents or illness and not having an immediate source for communication might increase the level of problem.

4. Decreasing The Strain on Internal Network: Mobiles have their own networks for internet usage and this might decrease the stress on wireless networks provided by colleges.

5. Speeds Up Information Retrieval: Students can check their cell phones in just 3 to 4 seconds but a laptop takes at least 2 minutes to switch ON. Students can also retrieve information about books availability in library or marks records and attendance records in just a minute. They can be used as a calculator also. Interview calls and job offers are mostly communicated through phone calls.

6. It Makes Students Learn About Digital Responsibility: Students will learn control over the internet and technology, when they are introduced early rather than banning it and making it a taboo; so that everyone wants to know what the fuss is about.

So, next time when we see someone using a scissor or tool in a wrong way, we don’t ban the tool and teach discipline how to use it properly. Similarly, set up acceptable rules and regulations for using cell phones in a campus. So, modernize education and bring grace to coming generations.


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