Which Payment Processor is best for Online Donations & Crowdfunding?

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December 21, 2016
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Which Payment Processor is best for Online Donations & Crowdfunding?

Payment Processor is best for Online Donations & Crowdfunding

Web-based online donations require an external charge card gateway or a payment processor. These processors securely collect and exchange money on the web, but they do charge a little fee for this administration.

FundRaiser offers more than 60 payment gateways or processor choices to you. The processors operate across almost all the countries of this world. However, some of these processors have restrictions on country of origin of the fundraiser but can accept all major credit cards to receive donations from any country. None the less, you will always find the FundRaiser platform offering you your local payment gateway, if not, let us know and we will build the integration in less than a week. FundRaiser is the only crowdfunding platform that does not charge any commission on your funds, your relationship with your payment processor is direct and you can always negotiate a better rate for yourself. Most of the payment processors will also not charge anything extra from your Donors.

Cutting across various payment processors, we have shortlisted a few of them which is mostly used for fundraising. You can compare their charges and their suitability to allow the fundraiser to signup for an account.


PayPal has one of the largest supported networks of countries where it operates – 202 Countries at the time of publishing this article. You can get an updated list of supported countries here. So even if you are an African entity intending to raise funds online, PayPal could be your good partner. People from almost every country can contribute to your campaign. Check Paypal Fees for transactions and currency conversions which is about 4.4% + Fixed Fee. Note that if you are a fundraiser from India, you cannot accept payments from other Indians using PayPal.

Read this article on how to activate PayPal in your FundRaiser platform.



WePay is very popular with online donations and also has a dedicated business unit managing online donations. However, fundraisers from The United States of America and Canada can open an account with WePay. For Donors, WePay accepts all major credit cards from almost every country in the world. It is a bit tricky to find WePay charges from their website. None the less, from information in other public sites, WePay charges a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (or equivalent in your currency). WePay also charges a fee from your donor, but you can approach them and negotiate a better deal.

Read this article on how to activate WePay in your FundRaiser platform.


Stripe is fast becoming the choice of online payments mostly due to its low transaction fees and the flexibility in its dealings. Its technology is an added plus. You can check the fees of Stripe here – which is 2.9% +30c. Stripe is available for business in 25 countries while we are publishing this article. You can keep an updated check for the supported countries for fundraisers here. Donors can pay from anywhere in the world.

Read this article on how to activate Stripe in your FundRaiser platform.

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Paytm is one of the most popular payment gateway and wallets in India. It is a huge user base which can provide you with a captive audience base who can also donate using money in their Paytm wallets. Paytm’s merchant fees are also very reasonable at 1.99% plus Service Tax, and they keep running promotional offers from time to time to waive off certain fees – check this link to stay updated. Can International Credit & Debit Card payments be accepted without Paytm Wallet? Read the Forum post for an answer, which has not been responded so far – at the time of publishing this article.



PayUMoney is another popular payment gateway with Indian individuals and business entities. Their activation process is fairly simple and quick. PayUMoney charges 2% on every transaction from the Fundraiser – check their real-time fees here. Although the origin of the fundraiser needs to be in India, PayUBiz is another business unit which supports International merchants intending to receive payments from Indian customers. Naturally, International credit cards are accepted. Read more about PayUBiz here. They have a different pricing for PayUBiz merchants.

Read this article on how to activate PayUMoney in your FundRaiser platform. 


Payza is another global payment processor that operates in multiple countries and benefits in quick merchant activation. It charges 2.9%+ 30c per transaction from the merchant and no additional charge from your donor. Check their live fees here. It supports almost 191 countries, and countries not supported by Payza are listed here- most of these are African countries.

Read this article on how to activate Payza in your FundRaiser platform. 
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