Pay your School Fees online with Integrated CashU Payment Gateway

CashU Payment Gateway Integration

Yet another feather in the cap of SchoolTime – The smartest School Management Software. In just 2 clicks, schools in the Arab world can now activate their SchoolTime system with CashU payment Gateway and allow students and parents to pay their school fees online. SchoolTime is the fastest growing Student Information System in the world and is suitable for any K-12 schools, Colleges, Universities and Training Centres.

CashU is among the most popular online payment gateways in the Middle East and North African markets, with full-fledged services and support offered in Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain.

With this ready integration, Schools can approach CashU Merchant Services and register with them. The schools will be provided with secured credentials which they can apply inside the CashU payment gateway module  of SchoolTime to activate it. Once done, all the invoices generated from SchoolTime will allow the students and parents to make payments online from the convenience of their home. SchoolTime will automatically track paid school fees and update the system so that the schools can get a very clear and updated picture of their outstanding invoices. The entire fee payments and collection process in SchoolTime has been designed for simplicity and easy of use and configuration, very similar to a e-commerce engine. Educational Institutions from around the world are making their administration process simple, easy and smart.

ST Admin
ST Admin
School Time is world's easiest and most user friendly school management system. A state of the art School Management System-ERP-designed for real time access across all devices.

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