Tired of mainstream? Go off beat and give these Career Options a shot!!


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.

          -Robert Frost

Gone is the era where all youngsters dreamed of being an engineer or a doctor. With the new generation advancing in, the society has taken a broader outlook where the children can now focus on their abilities and the kind of profession they take up accordingly. What is more interesting is, we have some of the coolest jobs which you can follow and be well paid in the same, thus guaranteeing utmost satisfaction in your lives.

Here is a list of top offbeat careers one can follow

  1. Animation

With the genre of movies shifting more and more towards animated and action especially involving a lot more special effects like VFX and the same, you can definitely opt for a career in animation. So if you do have a niche in creativity, take up a career in animation and bring your best of your creative skills in a professional manner. The institutes which offer animation as a career include


  1. Choreography

If you have the dancer in you who can shake your leg to any kind of music and feels confident for the same, the entertainment industry is thrown well open for you where you can test your skills and be rewarded accordingly. Interesting isn’t it? So why wait, go ahead and make some pretty dance moves that astound and astonish everyone and for your reference, well, here is a list of some institutes where you can look up for choreography courses and the like


  1. Forensic Scientist

Fascinated by all the forensic sciences and their involvement in the crime detection cases by the police? Wondering if you could be one working your way up to glory helping the crime investigation department do their work in catching up with the criminal? Well, good news for you. There is exactly a career suited for your needs. Have a look at these institutes and sign up for the same.




  1. Chef/ Hotel Management

Love cooking? Want people to know your taste in food? Love putting all the sweet aromas and thus creating a picture perfect recipe for your family and your neighbours?

Ever felt the nudge in your heart to create something new with respect to the items available in the kitchen? Go ahead, and let your cooking do the talking. But first, join a professional institute and have your skills replenished and polished by the experts in the field. Here is a list of a few institutions offering cooking as your majors. So why wait? It is time for some action right!


  1. Music Bands/ Individual musician

Have a niche for music and are quite keen on developing new genres of music every day? Now you no longer have to think about how to pursue a career in music industry. With the advent of the entertainment industry, music is now an open auditorium for all where once can showcase their best talent in music and get rewarded with special recognition. So why wait, create your own professional career in music through the institutes


  1. Marine Biologist

Equipped with a wide range of possibilities, this particular field takes you to a whole new level of experience with the marine animals. Sign up for marine biology classes and experience the wonders of getting to know the marine life in depth. Here is a list which you can refer and make a profession out of it.


7. Sports

Sports is fast becoming a very lucrative career option in India. With lots of private and public participation, high value sportspersons with celebrity status, and easier admissions to best colleges, sports is here to stay as a promising career. Here is a list of some of the most renowned institutions where you can take professional coaching.

Follow your dreams, choose a career you enjoy and you will never have to work again!


Would you encourage your Kids to choose an Off Beat Career?

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