How the SchoolTime team uses Slack

We are creating a transparent and open business culture at SchoolTime. Our brand emphasises on transparency in pricing, transparency is providing free access to the SchoolTime software, transparency in dealing with customers and partners, transparency in displaying our hosted server status, transparency on all policies related to our business that can affect the world outside the organisation. When we are making everything transparent to the external world, why not make everything transparent inside the organisation as well?

With this objective the SchoolTime team harnessed the power of Slack to not just improve internal communication and collaboration, but to also build transparency within the organisation and all its departments. We integrated Intercom and Slack to notify the entire team on real time whenever a new customer signs up for SchoolTime. The entire team rejoices with joy every time they get a notification of a new school joining us. We also integrated Freshdesk, so whenever a customer raised a ticket, the entire team knows about the issue, which makes the responsible teams work efficiently towards resolving it. We integrated Satismeter with Slack, so that whenever a customer gives a feedback on the product, the entire team can read it unadulterated. The product management team automatically gears up to seek better responses and satisfaction from the customer. We integrated Autopilot with Slack, which send emails to customers based on their actions inside SchoolTime. Whenever a customer achieves a milestone inside SchoolTime, Slack notifies the entire organisation. The Customer Success Team knows automatically where they are doing good and where they need to improve.

These critical departments – Sales, Customer Success, Customer Support and Product Management, are on auto-pilot at SchoolTime. The managers need not chase Sales teams to check on sales and performance. Customer support is always prompt and responsive, and the Product Management team is completely dedicated to make SchoolTime the world’s easiest and smartest Student Information System. This is what we call effective communication which is not prejudiced by individual opinion but in real time and from the horse’s mouth.

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